Josh is a self made Canadian-born Entrepreneur. Starting from 2006, he launched several successful Media and Software development projects, the most notable being SandStorm Research and Development and its parent company, Sandstorm Holdings. SandStorm R&D develops emerging web technologies in HTML5 and has been pioneering these technologies since 2008. In 2012, Josh was invited to join the AFCorse Racing team to train with Amato Ferrari. AFCorse is the team that recently won the 24 hours of LeMans and holds many other racing trophies and podiums in the GT Racing class. Currently, Josh owns and operates: “Cartu Drifting” which is a BMW Drifting team host to a BMW E46 M3 GTR and his pilot: Adam Frank. Josh spends most of his time in Europe with his team, competing in the King of Europe Event and as an occasional test pilot with AFCorse Ferrari. In 2013 and 2014, Josh participated in Maximillian Cooper’s Gumball 3000 Rally under the banner of Team Wolfpack, becoming the team’s defacto mascot. Team Wolfpack won the “Best Team” award in the 2014 rally.

Josh was born in St. Catharines Ontario, Canada where he grew up and went to school. By the age of 18, he decided to take take up working with his father at the local Honda Dealership. After selling cars for a few years, he moved abroad try his luck there. He started with $2,000 in cash and lived around Europe and the Middle East for about a year. Near the end of his tenure there, Josh finally found a decent paying job with a local media company where he worked there for about 10 months. He excelled there but eventually moved on to Cyprus where he lived in Limassol for two years. His time in Limassol was spent as the Director of smaller media company and once he grew it to reasonable size, he decided his place was back in the Middle East starting a business of his own.

In 2008, Josh founded Sandstorm Holdings which is an Internet Media, services and software development firm respectively. The most notable of these efforts is EZScratch and CrazyWinners which are based on the most technologically advanced HTML5 gaming platform of its kind in the world. Josh now continues on as Chairman of the Board for Sandstorm Holdings but appointed his younger brother David Cartu as CEO.

Though he keeps a residence in the Middle East, he now spends most of his time in an advisory capacity for Sandstorm, racing and collecting cars, flying jets, jumping out of airplanes, Gumballing, rallying and experimenting with the most bleeding edge technologies available.

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